Q. Do I have to register on the website to be able to make a purchase?

A. Yes, you need to register and have your website account approved before you can purchase.


Q. Can I obtain a Price list for all products?

A. No, this is not available, prices are available against each individual item on the website.


Q. Can I get a list of your Barcodes/EAN Codes?

A. No, barcodes are not available until you have purchased the item.


Q. Can I obtain full product details for each item I purchase, including commodity codes and measurements?

A. Yes, full product details, such as commodity codes and measurements, are available once the item has been purchased.


Q. What is your lead time for delivery?

A. Our delivery time varies, depending upon the SKU and the delivery address, and can take from 24 hours to over a week. 

For more information, please contact sales@henbrandt.eu.


Q. What is the MOQ and what delivery charges apply?

A. Our Minimum Order Quantity is 1 carton. To qualify for free delivery, your order must total 250€ before VAT. Orders that total less than 250€ before VAT will incur a delivery charge of 5€ + VAT + carriage. Please be aware that the carriage charge may vary depending on the delivery address. 

For more information, please contact sales@henbrandt.eu.


Q. How long do pallet deliveries take?

A. Pallet deliveries vary depending on the delivery address and the SKUs, from 2 days to over a week. 

For more information, please contact sales@henbrandt.eu.


Q. Can I add a delivery note to my order?

A. Yes, please arrange by emailing a copy of the note to sales@henbrandt.eu before placing the order.


Q. Do you sell goods in smaller quantities than full cartons?

A. No, only full cartons can be purchased.


Q. Can I get a lower price if I buy a large quantity of an item?

A. Some of our products may be available for a large quantity discount. Please enquire directly and contact the Sales Team by emailing sales@henbrandt.eu.


Q. Am I able to sell your goods through online platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Facebook and Etsy?

A. Yes, you would simply need to provide us with your trading name on these platforms.


Q. Do you offer Dropship deliveries?

A. Yes, we offer Dropship deliveries and can deliver to any chosen EU address, providing the order is for full cartons. We can also deliver Plain Cover for you. Charges may apply depending on destination.

For more information please contact sales@henbrandt.eu.

Q. Can my order be delivered directly into Amazon?

A. Yes, we are able to deliver your order directly to Amazon. To do this, you must direct your order to the correct Amazon address and then send your labels to sales@henbrandt.eu. Please note, if the order is for more than 1 item then we can only accept labels suitable for mixed SKUs.


Q. Do I need a license to store explosives?

A. Only if you are storing over 5kg of Net Explosive Quantity (NEQ). Individual NEQs are stated at the details section on the item product page. For further information on Explosive items, please click here.


Q. Can I pay for my order by Cheque?

A. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept payment by Cheque, but we do accept payment by Bank Transfer and most card payments. If you are making an order for the first time and the total payment due is more than 500€, payment must be made via Bank Transfer. Please contact the Sales Team at sales@henbrandt.eu to arrange payment.


Q. When will I receive my invoice?

A. Invoices are sent out via email at the end of the day after your order has left the warehouse.


Q. Where do I find my Despatch note?

A. Despatch notes are automatically sent out via email once your goods have left our warehouse.


Q. Am I able to obtain duplicate invoices for any that are missing?

A. Yes, please make a request via email to accounts@henbrandt.eu. You can also download invoices or credit notes from the previous two years by logging into your account and selecting Invoices and Credit Notes from the account menu. 


Q. Can I get Declarations of Conformity for each of the products I buy?

A. Yes, this information is available upon request. Please contact sales@henbrandt.eu.